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Pregnancy is a unique time in life. With the ups and downs, joys and transitions of this marked time of our lives, often come body pain soreness, anxiety and overwhelm. Treat yourself to a centering, nurturing experience that support both body and mind in unwinding and finding more spaciousness. Ground, melt, be. These are essentials tools for the childbearing year. Prepare for birth with prenatal massage. Schedule a massage, and ask me how prenatal massage can support your birth journey. 


process birthing

Birth is a process. Imagine for a moment the journey from the first moment of realizing you are pregnant to the first months of caring for, learning from and about your baby. This is the journey of the childbearing year. Process Birthing provides a framework to support you through the transitions of this remarkable, magnificent, awing journey.  This is a wonderful way to dejunk the birth journey by processing unresolved issues before giving birth. What holds you back? What would like to let go of before bringing this child into the world? It is also an exceptional tool to process the Process of your birth and the newness of parenting this amazing being, who has taken home in your own. Womb-mate to room-mate. A rite-of-passage before or behind you. Let Process Birthing support you in the unfoldment of where you are. An integration of Birthing From Within and Process Coaching processes act as guides to facilitate and support your personal experience in this important year. 


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yoga for the childbearing year

We all know the benefits of yoga. It balances and strengthens body, mind, and spirit, through centering stretching, strengthening, and supporting witness consciousness. For these reasons, and more, yoga is a useful form of childbirth preparation. Coming again soon: women spanning the childbearing year gather to enchant their lives with one another's presence, to align body and mind from the inside out.