process coaching new tools for self-exploration and healing

Process Coaching is an integration of healing modalities to increase self-awareness and consciousness, healing of unconscious patterns and painful triggers, and accessing more energy, wellbeing, compassion, and understanding through processes that help to expand consciousness and lead to deeper integration of wholeness. 


Are you interested in knowing more about Process Coaching? Is there something you are struggling with? Would you like to change a dynamic in your life? To experience how Process works, contact me to set up an appointment, in a safe, calm environment. Learn the tools of Process Coaching and become your own Healer. With Process Coaching, healing becomes an adventure and can be fun. Yes, really! I am currently in training and am offering Process Coaching at a discounted rate $40/session, while I am completing the final steps of my coursework.

To set up an appointment, contact me here. Visit the Process Coaching website for more information, processes, videos, and recordings at To hear a bit about my personal experience and how Process Coaching has supported me, click here.