Integrative Techniques for an Individualized Experience

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Neuromuscular Reprogramming (NMR)

Neuromuscular Reprogramming uses muscle testing and other assessments to correct compensatory patterns of muscle inhibition, which often cause pain and restricted movement. You receive focused corrections that not only change the use pattern in body, but also recalibrate muscle use in the Motor Control Center of the brain. It is a whole body experience that leaves you feeling realigned and refreshed. This bodywork is available clothes-on or combined  with therapeutic massage. 

90-minute appointment suggested. 


Therapeutic Massage

This massage offers a relaxing, restorative experience to release stress and holding patterns. A culmination of long strokes, light to deep pressure as needed, trigger point and energy release techniques, and passive stretching will leave you feeling renewed and refreshed. 



Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Support your immunity and cleanse your system with a gentle, relaxing massage utilizing special oils and techniques to move toxins out of the body. A great massage for cleanses and colds. 

60-minutes. Add more time for therapeutic massage



Reiki is a hands-on energetic healing modality which draws Universal Life Force  (clear, clean vibration) into the body to open, heal, and calm the whole being. While Reiki is integrated into my therapeutic massage, you can opt for a simple laying-on of hands to promote wellbeing in certain areas of the body. For a full body, clothes on session, see rates below. 


Pregnancy Massage

Settle in for a quieting experience, creating space and releasing holding patterns to feel more ease in body and mind. A real treat for this special life experience. 

90-minute treatment, or add an additional luxurious half hour... since you're already on the massage table....

View other support options for the childbearing year here


Postnatal Massage

This massage is designed for the first weeks postpartum. I often give this massage in client's home to allow mother to more easily attend to baby's needs if necessary during massage. This massage focuses on releasing leftover tension from birth, accumulated tension from nursing, and reintegration to the non-pregnant state. This can easily be joined with breastfeeding support and/or placenta medicine services. 

See rates below, and view other support options for the childbearing year here. Out-call fee may apply. 



Standard Massage and Bodywork Rates:

60min  $85                  75min  $100                 90min  $120               120min  $155

Energy balancing 

60min  $60                45min  $45              30min  $30

*Discounts available when purchased in packs: