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Soothe your


Feel Better and Restore Your Groove

Are you in pain?

Have you experienced a recent injury or traumatic event?

Are you plagued with a general lack of well-being or nagging pain?

Perhaps you have an injury that won’t heal?

Do you suffer from anxiety and/or sleep disturbances?

Do you feel sluggish or easily confused?

Do you have habits and patterns that sabotage the contentment you want in your life?

Or maybe life just won’t give you a break?

Is it time to carve out regular self-care so you can thrive while keeping the pace of a full life?

Are you ready to feel better?

Sabrina Marie Peterson, CMT, CYT, CBE, CD

Sabrina Marie Peterson, CMT, CYT, CBE, CD

Specializing in integrative modalities:

Therapeutic Massage
NeuroMuscular Reprogramming
Shamanic Energy Healing
 Pregnancy and Birth Education, Support, Coaching


sabrina can help you

Reduce and alleviate pain
Decrease stress and trauma
Increase overall sense of inner peace and well-being
Relate to yourself in kinder, healthier ways
Teach and support you for a powerful, bold birth experience and beyond

Please contact me to set up an appointment or to find out more about how I can serve
you to feel better and enjoy more in life. You’re worth it!